What we do

Sarala provides Business Solutions focused on your marketing needs.

Mass Media

Sarala provides comprehensive strategies for traditional mass mediums. We provide buying, execution and unified messaging with radio, TV, newspaper, magazines and direct mail.

Social Media

Sarala offers a variety of online strategies including web design, video and SEO. We also provide integrated strategies for your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram accounts.

Customer Retention

Each customer is valuable, we can help ensure your long term growth by holding on to your existing customers. Sarala coordinates database collection, analysis and marketing to build and maintain long lasting customer relationships.

IT Services

Sarala will make technology work for your business. We manage and organize the hardware, software, phone systems and technology to help improve the customer experience and marketing efficiency of your business.

Retail Consulting

The icing on the cake. Sarala can organize retail consulting and staff training to increase sales performance. A better trained staff means better marketing which means a better customer experience and increased sales.

About us

The word Sarala means simple.

Our company is founded on the notion of providing our customers with a simple solution. We are here to coordinate and support you and your company’s needs. Our goal is to provide you with a unified strategy to optimize your business.

Sarala's clients include International, North American, Canadian and local companies. Oh by the way, we are also partnered with professional sports teams

Who we are

Small team personalized service

Vince Tripathy

Strategic Coordinator

Tyler Tripathy

Software Developer

Quite simply we are the "general contractor for your business". We confirm the areas of improvement you would like to address with your marketing. With our team's extensive experience we’ve learned that companies would like to extend and expand their business but in many cases don’t have the time or resources to do so.

Based on your concerns we will consult with our suppliers to provide a customized marketing solution. Rather than dealing with a group of individuals, we ensure a single point of contact that will co-ordinate, execute and review the solutions we agree on. Our goal is to help you acquire, grow and retain new customers. Ultimately, saving you time, making you money and maximizing your company’s potential.

Our Partners

The Benefit of our 5 step system

The real benefit to you...

Higher Productivity, which translates to increased sales and profits.
Less meetings, and more time to execute your business plan.
Giving you the opportunity to make decisions with confidence.
Access to our knowledge and experience to help you achieve your business goals.
We can deliver customized solutions and position your business for ultimate success.

Yes, I want Sarala to show me my marketing potential – so I can start revolutionizing my business in as little as 45 minutes.

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